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Dermatology Physicians in Richlands, Virginia

Located in Richlands, Virginia, the Community Health Clinic Skin Lasers & Botox Center is home to skilled dermatology physician, Muna Chaudhry M.D., who provides a variety of beauty treatments. We provide affordable small-town prices with very friendly down-to-earth service and staff.
Faisal W Chaudhry, MD

Clinical professor of Medicine
Diplomate American Board of Medicine
Chief of Medicine Clinch Valley Medical center
Serving the community since 1994
Muna F Chaudhry, MD

Family Medicine
Certified in Aesthetics Skin Laser and Botox
Certified in Non-surgical Skin lift

The Only Center Around

At Community Health Clinic Skin Laser & Botox Center, we are the only skin laser and Botox® center in the Richlands, Virginia, area. Our services provide an economical and painless way to enhance your beauty.
Dr. Muna Chaudhry has been a certified esthetician since 2009 and practices both medicine and medical beauty in her clinic in Richlands, VA.
With a variety of treatments available, such as skin laser therapy, Botox, and hair removal, we provide an affordable way to attain your beauty goals.
Let us use our knowledge and training to provide a lasting solution to bring out the confidence and charisma that's hiding just beneath the surface.
Beauty products - Aesthetic Physicians in Richlands, Virginia


Defy Aging With Nature

A complete anti-aging, hydrating skin care line by Muna Chaudhry M.D. with a variety of cleansers, moisturizing masks, eye creams, facial peptides serums, anti-aging facial and neck creams. These products are made from the finest ingredients found in nature including red algae, green algae, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E, and essential oils. Come by today and talk to Dr. Muna Chaudry about which product is right for you!
Contact us in Richlands, Virginia, to schedule an appointment with our Botox center.